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Gopher FAQ

Why should I advertise on Gopher?

Business transactions within New Zealand are now primarily beginning with a simple Internet search. Gopher offers state of the art presentation of your business, including, mapping, promotions and social network integration. Our site is designed for functionality, speed and relevance for users who commit to a purchase decision. The site maximizes search-engine traffic opportunities with Gopher results pages and business profile pages all search engine indexed by engines such as Google to enable a global demographic of users with access to your business details.

What sort of businesses benefit from advertising on Gopher?

Gopher provides businesses with the benefit of exposure to potential customers. Gopher is beneficial to business’ who do not have a significant web presence (or do not have a website at all). This is due to its search-engine friendly design and premium presentation which can be achieved without the costs of a customized web design firm. For all invested businesses Gopher is a vital part of your online presence and marketing strategy Assisting in maximised web traffic and getting the most out of your investment.

How does Gopher work?

Users can search Gopher for a business by name, business type and / or location. Searching is based on a business’ name, select business categories and its suburb and town. Results list paid advertisers first. You can click any business to view its “Profile Page” featuring detailed descriptions of the business complete with a contact form, draggable map and image gallery.

How do I upgrade my advert?

Just call us on (09) 303 3233 and we can upgrade immediately over the phone. The results of your upgrade will be visible on the website within 2 hours. Remember, when more than one business has the same level of advert, our result rankings operate on a “first-come-first-served” basis. So it definitely pays to get in quick!

Can I advertise if I don’t have a computer?

Yes – you can register your business over the phone by calling (09) 303 3233 or you can register online from any computer, as long as you have a valid email address which you have access to.

How do I add my business to

Adding a business to Gopher’s database is easy and FREE! First you need to sign in. If you are unregistered click on the “Not registered” link at the top of the page (or register here). Once registered and signed in, click on the “list a business” link at the bottom of the page. Simply fill out the form and your business will be added to our database immediately and should appear in searches within 2 hours. As many businesses as you like can be added.

My business is already listed, how do I add more information?

No problem. What you should do is first register, then let us know which company you would like us to link your account to. Before adding a business to your account, we will have to verify that you are authorised to represent that business, usually by email or phone. You’ll be notified when the process is complete.

Where do I send images to that I want on my listing?

You can mail hard copy images, stationery or brochures to Gopher Ltd, PO Box 37996, Parnell, Auckland or email any electronic images to Please check our artwork specifications (PDF) for electronic files.

How do I register?

Simply click on the “Not registered” link at the top of the page (or register here) and fill out the short form. Once registered you’ll be able to add businesses for free and save business contact details in your Gopher contacts list.

I’ve lost my password?

Don’t worry, we can email it to you, as long as you still have access to the email address you registered with.

I’ve added my business, how long until it shows up?

Your business Profile Page will be created immediately and you’ll receive an email with a link to it shortly after submitting the “Add a business” form. Your business should start appearing in search results within 24 hours (on business days).

How do I improve my ranking in the search?

Search result ranking is determined by the level of advert that you purchase. Gopher offers multiple levels of paid business listings. Each level offers an increased number of business categories, which improves the number of times your business will appear in search results. For more details, call us on (09) 303 3233